Call & SMS Filter

Call & SMS Filter 1.02_

Filter unwanted incoming calls and text messages


  • Lots of filtering criteria available
  • Schedule filters
  • Auto-reply and call forwarding options


  • User interface is a bit confusing

Very good

Call & SMS Filter is a utility that helps you prevent unwanted calls and SMS messages. It allows you to filter communication based on who is trying to contact you.

There is a wide range of different filtering options within Call & SMS Filter, so you can really pinpoint what you want to come through and what you don't. For instance, you can choose to block all calls, block all SMS messages, block all calls/messages from people not in your contacts lists, or block calls from hidden numbers.

Other options in Call & SMS Filter include the ability to set up blacklists and whitelists, defining specific numbers that are permitted to call or message you. You can even schedule your filters in Call & SMS Filter to activate at a particular time. For instance, you may want to allow unknown numbers to get through during office hours, but not in your free time.

Call & SMS Filter allows you to send an automated SMS reply to anyone who is blocked from contacting you. Alternatively, you can choose to forward these filtered out calls to another number.

All of these features are great, but Call & SMS Filter can be confusing to use. Options and settings are strewn across the user interface in a rather haphazard way, and it takes a while to get used to where everything is.

Overall though, Call & SMS Filter provides a comprehensive and highly customizable call and message screening service for your phone.

Filter it all: Block, forward or reply by auto-SMS.

Call & SMS Filter makes sure you are never needlessly bothered. With this app, you can create specific filtering profiles that meet your precise privacy requirements at any time. Alternatively, you can use one of the convenient default filters: Block all and Accept (phonebook) contacts. For all blocked numbers and filters you can choose whether to protect your phone from calls only, SMS only, or from both. Who can you block? • Any number(s) from your Contacts • Any number(s) in your Phone log • Numbers you input manually • Hidden callers So what happens when you select a default filter or create a custom one? Simple: activate it and you will no longer see, hear or have to deal with unwanted calls or texts.
Call & SMS Filter


Call & SMS Filter 1.02_

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